Synonyms for hard


1. hard (vs. soft), calculating, calculative, conniving, scheming, shrewd, case-hardened, hardened, hard-boiled, steely, difficult#1, hard, insensitive, merciless#1, unmerciful, tough
usage: dispassionate; "took a hard look"; "a hard bargainer";
2. hard, knockout, severe, strong (vs. weak)
usage: very strong or vigorous; "strong winds"; "a hard left to the chin"; "a knockout punch"; "a severe blow"
3. arduous, backbreaking, grueling, gruelling, hard, heavy, laborious, operose, punishing, toilsome, effortful (vs. effortless)
usage: characterized by effort to the point of exhaustion; especially physical effort; "worked their arduous way up the mining valley"; "a grueling campaign"; "hard labor"; "heavy work"; "heavy going"; "spent many laborious hours on the project"; "set a punishing pace"
4. unvoiced (vs. voiced), voiceless, surd, hard, whispered
usage: produced without vibration of the vocal cords; "unvoiced consonants such as `p' and `k' and `s'"
5. hard (vs. soft), concentrated
usage: (of light) transmitted directly from a pointed light source
6. hard (vs. soft), velar
usage: (of speech sounds); produced with the back of the tongue raised toward or touching the velum; "Russian distinguished between hard consonants and palatalized or soft consonants"
7. intemperate, hard, heavy, indulgent (vs. nonindulgent)
usage: given to excessive indulgence of bodily appetites especially for intoxicating liquors; "a hard drinker"
8. hard, strong, alcoholic (vs. nonalcoholic)
usage: being distilled rather than fermented; having a high alcoholic content; "hard liquor"
9. hard, tough, bad (vs. good)
usage: unfortunate or hard to bear; "had hard luck"; "a tough break"
10. hard, stale (vs. fresh)
usage: dried out; "hard dry rolls left over from the day before"


1. hard
usage: with effort or force or vigor; "the team played hard"; "worked hard all day"; "pressed hard on the lever"; "hit the ball hard"; "slammed the door hard"
2. hard, firmly
usage: with firmness; "held hard to the railing"
3. hard
usage: earnestly or intently; "thought hard about it"; "stared hard at the accused"
4. hard, severely
usage: causing great damage or hardship; "industries hit hard by the depression"; "she was severely affected by the bank's failure"
5. hard
usage: slowly and with difficulty; "prejudices die hard"
6. heavily, intemperately, hard
usage: indulging excessively; "he drank heavily"
7. hard
usage: into a solid condition; "concrete that sets hard within a few hours"
8. hard
usage: very near or close in space or time; "it stands hard by the railroad tracks"; "they were hard on his heels"; "a strike followed hard upon the plant's opening"
9. hard
usage: with pain or distress or bitterness; "he took the rejection very hard"
10. hard
usage: to the full extent possible; all the way; "hard alee"; "the ship went hard astern"; "swung the wheel hard left"
WordNet 3.0 Copyright © 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

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